Luxury Italian Stairs



  • Open staircases
  • Mezzanines Stairs
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  • Steel Railing
  • Prima Stair Line

Italian Style Stairs

2fIX Corp in combination with Rintal Stair SystemTM have been creating a new system that allows to design and look at a stair not only as a structural element, but as a real expression of the customer personality and individuality.

This system, meant to be a process of endless aggregation of elements and accessories, allows to reach the maximum level of customization, versatility and adaptability in each of the five steps leading to the creation of the final product. space saver staircases offer a lot of opportunities to make the best use of small spaces.The wide range of space saver staircases includes small interior staircases, small spiral staircases and retractable staircases which are a good solution for hard to reach spaces such as lofts and mansards.

The process starts with the selection of the structure, followed by the definition of the essence of the step, the choice of the railing model based on different designs and finishes, of the handrail and the customization of your own composition by choosing among the broad range of accessories in order to make your own stair unique.

A continuous and endless possibility of changing and renewing your own composition, even after the purchase, where the only limit is the fantasy of the customer.
2Fix Corp is an authorized dealer and service provided for all mentioned stairs system.

Luxury Italian Stairs

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Italian Stairs

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