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Patio Covers and Pergolas. Best Solution for a New Look

Patio Covers has been one of the main concerns in today’s markets. Builders are looking for better ideas in their patio design and usually they hire a special trade contractor do do so. Miami has a very hot  weather and people are looking for a very comfortable patio to have parties and relax with their family members and friends. 2Fix Corp as a patio design and build specialty contractor have been in the market for years and at this moment it is introducing a new look for patio  covers in all South Florida and the Keys .

Patio covers done by 2Fix Corp are regular made in aluminum, but it the company offer different types of aluminum roof for patios. Plain aluminum roof was introduced in Miami many years ago and consist in regular aluminum bars custom cuts at any dimension for any particular project, in 2013, 2Fix Corp start building patio covers in Miami  in aluminum with wood look. Many customer doesn’t know how to select between aluminum and wood. So we are here to support all questions about:

Aluminum has better finish and durability, less maintenance, maintain the shape for ever, it is strong structural design and can be build in different color, depending in your design .

Here is a little difference between aluminum patio roof or pergola and wood patio pergola. Look at the picture and replay your comments to

Patio Covers Miami
Patio Covers Miami

Thank you to Read this blog and please if you need any patio cover or renovation for your house or business. Please visit or call our office at (305) 454-3721 for more information, samples or recommendation for any construction project in Miami area and Florida Keys. 2Fix Corp is the owner of with a proven experience in any construction filed.

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